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The index for collector car prices in the May report by Hagerty, which specializes in insuring vintage automobiles, fell 0.68 points to 160.06, down nearly 10% year-over-year, and down 14%, or 25.8 points, from its all-time high in September 2015 (185.86).Unlike stock market indices, the Hagerty Market Index is adjusted for inflation via the Consumer Price Index. Since September 2015, the Consumer Price Index has risen 2.8%.So in unadjusted terms, comparable to stock market indices, the price levels dropped nearly 17%.To put that into a Financial Crisis perspective: The index peaked in April 2008 at 121.0, then plunged 16% (20 points) to bottom out in August 2009 at 101.39.

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I think that any car is safe if used correctly and not crashed.

So don't go anywhere but Vintage Car Radio because we do more than just radios!

Simplest answer might be from the List of motor vehicle deaths in U. Surely the question is why do people believe modern cars are "safe" when people die in them every day?

Truth be told, though a car's classification can make a difference for taxes and insurance purposes, it really shouldn't get in the way of you having fun with like-minded car enthusiasts. The general information contained in The Encompass Blog is provided as a courtesy, and is for informational and entertainment purposes only.

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