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Tequan Richmond stars as Drew, Chris' taller, more assured, younger brother, in the UPN comedy EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS.

In March 2003, Tequan landed his first pilot, The Henry Lee Project, an Aaron Spelling Production.

Tequan would have starred playing Andrew Lee, grandson, to Henry Lee played by Danny Glover.

In 2004, Richmond appeared as American legend Ray Charles, Jr.

Along the way she starts to sympathize with the mission of the group.

It's quite possibly the most polished film that I saw at Sundance and the one most ready to be released in theaters (which probably isn't a surprise since Fox Searchlight owned this property even before Sundance began).

(If you want to ask questions about this movie, feel free to tweet at me and I will do my best to answer them.) Let's just say it involves mind-controlling worms and also pigs that represent the human essence.

In other words: this is not Brit Marling plays an ex-F. I operative who is hired by a large corporation to infiltrate an eco-terrorist group called The East.

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Actor Tequan Richmond took over the role on August 16, 2012. In October 2011, the series put out a casting call for a 14-year-old African American actor for the role of TJ.The role was said to be recurring but the actor would get a lot of screen time.The character was expected to make his appearance sometime during or after December.(Also, it is kind of fun to watch Careel yell the name "Pam" again.) Rockwell -- playing the manager of a water park -- hires Duncan, which teaches the youngster that there's more to life outside of his shitty family life.1,000 words, so, I'm even not going to attempt to do that for this kind of capsule format.) as Beat writer Lucien Carr, who was convicted of killing an elder admirer.


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