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Kenya may have been the last of the three countries to set up a law faculty, but today, Kenyan lawyers compete fiercely - sometimes even illegally - for lucrative contracts.

This contrasts sharply with the slower pace of business in Tanzania Tanzania: Slowing Down EAC Integration over Land Concerns? In the current situation therefore, any business located in Kenya that wants to expand into Uganda and Tanzania, must use law firms in the respective countries, or their corporate lawyers would have to partner with domestic law firms.

This can cause problems for farmers in these areas as the elephants often eat or crush maize, sorghum, and watermelon crops, sometimes destroying a whole year’s income.

To protect their livelihoods, farmers may respond with extreme measures that can injure or kill elephants – like poisoning crops they know elephants will eat.

They are natural elephant habitats that are close to local farmland.

We also worked with farmers on ways to reduce conflicts with local lions, leopards, hyena and livestock.

We’re encouraging local governments and authorities to introduce similar solutions elsewhere.

We help farmers set up community savings and loan groups too, to help farmers pay for and sustainably manage these safe solutions.

Farmers in Mikumi built new fences and hung new hives – and farmers in neighbouring communities have started doing the same.


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