Podcasts not updating in itunes ann cupids dating

We started with the Player FM web app, which works on desktop, phone, and tablets; and now we have the Android app too.By logging in, you can sync your subscriptions across devices and applications.The "FM" is just a fancy way of signifying this is an audio app and "Player FM" is a convenient way to indicate the web address at

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I think the Podcast rule is a bug and for all I know it's fixed now.

Player FM is on-demand content similar to You Tube or Netflix. You can make your subscriptions public and share them on the web.

Yes, it's free to install and the features you enjoy today will always be free, plus more to come. The catalogue organization is also available under a Creative Commons license.

It's saying it can't download episodes from the feed, and it doesn't find an image for the podcast.

I've checked, and it seems Podlove is trying to send out / creatingfiles in the form of the following: Instead of directing them to the "real" places; and The Podlove addresses don't work, but the original files work just fine.


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