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When drilling a hole for a screw, make sure you are using the right size bit.

A few generations ago, men built their own houses, fixed their own toilets, installed their own sprinkler systems, and grew unironic mustaches.

There’s a button, near the trigger, that tells the drill whether to go forward (clockwise) or backward. When torque is set to its lowest (loosest) setting, it will tighten the screw until it feels a little tension, then start clicking rapidly.

When torque is on its highest setting, it will keep tightening the screw until it cams out (see the screwdriver article, if you forgot what this means) or until something bad happens (strips the screw, pokes your eye out, etc.).

I went with a Monty Barrett balanced IO 540X and a MT 3 bladed prop, extremely smooth combination. This winter I have really been missing building on an airplane, but after flying the Bearhawk the last few days, what can I improve on?

The power drill is a screwdriver that’s been bitten by a radioactive spider.

Every guy will tell you if they’re into you with their body language.

A shy guy may be harder to read, though because he can be very self-conscious!

So if you catch him more than a few times, it’s a dead giveaway that you’re irresistible to him.Watch a man’s gestures closely and you’ll see this: Even from across a room, he’ll gently copy your movements. But it’s a sure sign that he wants to be connected to you.For example, if you pick up your drink and have a sip, he will too! Shy guys will be more self conscious because of their shyness which can make some of his body language harder to detect.This distinguishes it from the Wrench category, in which the tool fits around its counterpart.Like all things that screw, the screwdriver shares a “complicated” relationship with its counterpart. -Tell your friends, family, colleagues, co-workers and neighbours to check out ORSM-DOT-NET otherwise my friend Ray go in your mum's butt. All you'll hear is her whimpering and your wonderful, caring mum screaming "II HURTS!


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