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It’s been known as the foreign area for a very long time and when I first moved to Japan in 2000 it was a total dump, though apparently there were always several high class hostess bars and other top end establishments located in the depths of buildings off the main drag.The completion of Roppongi Hills, a massive multi-building labyrinthine complex that includes offices, apartments, retail stores, restaurants, a cinema, multiple “parks”, a large book store, 3 Starbucks coffee shops, a grocery store, and a DVD rental shop, really moved the are upscale, however.It's known for its impressive architecture and bright lights.Ginza is a classy neighborhood filled with top restaurants and cafes.But as couples see each other more frequently, where to go, aside from restaurants become an important issue.Because of crowding and high rents, youngsters in Japan tend to live with their parents until marriage.Therefore, where to go on a date, ususally called “date spot” in Japanese, become big fun issue for Japanese couples. What are the “popular date spots” in Tokyo Meet Market? I got some tips from my trustee friends and Japanese dating guides so I have summarized my learnings in the following Dos and Don’ts! Dos and Don’ts for the first Tokyo date: And what to expect from the date if it goes well?

It's also a great place to view Yokohama's impressive skyline. Ginza is one of the world's most luxurious shopping areas.

You may already feel like you’re on top of the world but the best way to get an unobstructed view of the gorgeous city skyline is none other than from the tallest building in the city!

At 634m high, the Tokyo Skytree is in fact the second tallest building in the World (after Dubai). For those who love their alcohol, head to the Kurand Sake market where you get to taste 100 over different types of sake throughout Japan.

Whether you prefer a good old Daiginjo or more funky flavors like the cheese, milk and yogurt flavored sake, you’re bound to find your type in these refrigerators.

PS: Our unanimous favourite was the Yogurt Sake 🙂 It’s always nice to dress up a little on dates but ever tried walking on the streets fully decked in a traditional Kimono?


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