Ichigo dating game

Anyway, there is more to the plot than just fanservice intervention, for you see, this show is also a romantic show, with Junpei becoming friends with four women (one of which goes insane after they meet). I have not read the manga, but judging by the characters in here, I don't think I care to.One of them happens to overhear Junpei discussing panties with his friends and then tells him, after telling him he has a panty fetish, that she is wearing strawberry panties that day. Junpei is the nutty male lead who almost always gets the girl (four times no less), making his friends jealous in the process and also making disturbing faces.She leaves before he can talk to her, but he finds a notebook nearby, belonging to Aya Toujou, an ordinary-looking glasses-wearing girl who is a gifted writer.The two become friends with the common ambition of turning great stories into movies.

The mystery suitors answer the contestant’s questions from behind a wall, and then the contestant picks one of them for a date. Ichigo asks: I’m a student, and I do volunteer work saving the world. Suitor #1: I will help you see that romance isn’t a choice, it is a necessity! And now I think I know what our first date should be!

The anime aired on Animax and TV Asahi from April 2005 to July 2005.

A sequel subtitled East Side Story ran in the Shōnen Jump Giga manga anthology from April 2017 to June 2017.

One day, he walks up to the roof of his school while talking about the view when suddenly a girl falls from seemingly nowhere.

Junpei catches a view of her panties, which happen to be strawberry panties (strawberries seem to play a part of the general theme of the show).


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