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It’s easy to use, robust, sophisticated, and keeps up with our needs.Informatively entertaining portal of city Tchernihiv ua.A plaque is awarded to those who contact all 458 different cities in the Ukraine. Make at least 30 QSOs which include at least 15 cities.A list of the cities is also available on the website. The basic award is offered for proving contact with 25 members and there are separate certificates for 50, 100 and even 500 members. The UARL is introducing a series of 27 different individual awards for contacting administrative districts of each of the regions of Ukraine. QSOs on 160 meters and UHF count for double credit.Let's be adult friends Sri, 32 look my new album Sonika, 21 write me hello Aafreen, 24 Just say hello. I'm looking for someone that is happy with their life. Hello, At least we're ready to reveal NEW File Manager with some major updates. Latest news File Manager - Brand new Look and dating Feel.There are awards for contacting 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700 and a special plaque for ALL of them. Endorsements are also available if all of the contacts are made using one mode or band. Class 1 = 27 areas Class 2 = 20 areas, Class 3 = 10 areas. The cost of the diploma equivalent-2 USD, Shipping to Ukraine-equivalent-1U, in other countries-2U is Contacts on or after January 1, 2011. Stations in oblasts affected by the catastrophe = 2 points each. Earn at least 100 points and make at least 5 QSOs with amateurs of Dokuchaevska (named after the professor) who count for 5 points each.

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---UKRAINIAN AMATEUR RADIO LEAGUE UARL SERIES (UARL) --- General Requirements: SWL OK. Send GCR list and postal expenses of $US4 to: RADIOINFORM, P. Applications for the diploma should be sent by e-mail uc @ ua . Ivano-Frankivska region Bohorodchany district - IF-02 Dolinsky district - IF-08 Rozhnyativskyy district - IF-16 Nadvirnyanskyy district - IF-14 Tysmenitskiy district - IF-18 Verkhovyna district - IF-05 Kosivskyy district - IF-13 Areas Yaremchanskoyi City Council - IF-20 Velyky district - ZA-04 Perechyn district - ZA-11 Uzhgorod district - ZA-15 Mukachevo district - ZA-10 Svalyava district - ZA-13 Irshavskyy district - ZA-07 Volovets district - ZA-06 Megrs'kij rn - ZA-08 Khust district - ZA-17 Tcivs'kij rn - ZA-14 Rakhiv district - ZA-12Established by the Radioclub Delta of the Kiev area, and issued for a contacting radio stations operating out of castles and the surrounding areas within a radius of less than one kilometer from the castle, and located on the territory of Ukraine. Settlements in small towns which are close to a major eligible city will count as that city.

Fee for each award for Ukrainian stations is UAH 15, for amateurs of the CIS countries and for all others is $US10 and should be sent to the award manager of the UARL together with a certified (GCR) list of the needed contacts to: Vladimir A. The award may be earned by participating in one expedition from such castle, or by establishing radio contact with three such expeditions. (For example, the small town of Sedovo will count for Novoazovsk, the settlement Milekino or New Yalta for Mariupol.) Contacts made on 160 meters and UHF or worked on Digital modes will count double credit.


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